At the heart of Provence, our laboratory cultivates the art of cold-process soap making, an ancestral method that celebrates nature in its purest and authentic form.

We have chosen this technique for its rich heritage and the unparalleled quality it brings to our products, which aligns with our commitment to authenticity, quality, and well-being.


Provençal Soaps: Quintessence of Quality and Elegance

Organic Ingredients, Symbols of Purity and Quality

Our soaps reflect our unwavering dedication to excellence, elegance, and quality.

Organic shea butter, known for its exceptional moisturizing and reparative properties, is generously used in all our formulations.

We use organic olive oil for its remarkable moisturizing and antioxidant properties and to create a rich lather that cleanses without drying the skin.

We also add organic lavender essential oil from Provence, known for its soothing and purifying properties.

By combining these natural ingredients, our soaps provide a unique sensory experience that pampers your skin with the benefits of nature.


Cold Process Soap Making: A Deliberate Choice for Excellence

We deliberately choose the cold process soap-making method to preserve the natural richness of our ingredients, resulting in superfatted soaps that are exceptionally soft and of the highest quality.

By avoiding excessive heating, we retain the beneficial properties of the oils and butter we use. The result is a soap that respects and beautifies your skin, offering a creamy lather and a subtle scent that awakens the senses.


A Luxurious and Authentic immersion in Provence

Why our soaps are a luxury to rediscover

Our cold-processed soaps go beyond mere hygiene to offer a lifestyle that values slowness, fine quality, and a deep connection with nature.

By choosing our soaps, you select a product that nourishes the soul, envelops the body in well-being, and transports you to the tranquility of Provence.

Let our art of cold-process soap-making charm you and take you on an unforgettable journey, an authentic immersion in the luxury and timelessness of Provence.

We hope that our philosophy and expertise will inspire you and convince you of the uniqueness of our soaps, which capture the essence of Provence in products that touch both body and spirit and should be cherished daily.


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