Because your mother is unique and deserves a special gift, we offer you a selection of two organic lavender sachets nestled in a pretty gift box to tell her "I love you, Mom" ​​in the most beautiful way!


Bespoke lavender sachets made in Provence


L'AUGUSTE Provence is a French artisanal brand that combines art and exceptional craftsmanship by creating luxurious, refined, original, 100% made in Provence items that are the perfect gift for your mother.


This Mother's Day offering is truly one-of-a-kind. The watercolors and the fact that our organic lavender sachets are crafted in our atelier in Provence with exceptional attention to detail make them stand out from others. Your mom will appreciate the uniqueness of this thoughtful gift.


We have placed two of our iconic lavender sachets in a "Parfum de Provence" gift box so that you can introduce your mum to the art of living in Provence, with its exceptional landscapes, light, and colors.


Adding a personalized message to the card included in the gift box will make it even more special. Your mother will appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into making her feel loved and appreciated.

The sachets are filled with organic lavender from Provence, known for its calming properties. Your mother will enjoy the soothing scent, and may even find it helps promote relaxation and better sleep.


Enjoy the Provence "Art de vivre"!