Who hasn’t visited Provence without marveling at its uniquely fragrant lavender fields?
Do you know how lavender became a symbol of Provence?


Lavender first appeared in Provence in the Middle Ages and was used mainly for its olfactory virtues and medicinal properties; the Romans used it to perfume linen, and it has mainly been used as a sedative and antibacterial.

However, its culture only really developed in Provence in the mid-19th century, with the beginning of perfumery in Grasse. Lavender is a favorite amongst great perfumers.

This is how lavender spread through Provence.

However, there is a nuance to be made. All the fields that can be observed along the lavender roads are very often fields of lavandin, not lavender because lavender grows at more than 600 meters above sea level.



Three significant lavender varieties are commonly found in the South of France:

 Aspic lavender, whose flowers give off a powerful smell of camphor, grows at a low altitude (from 200m) and is less and less cultivated.

 Lavender Officinalis– also called “true” lavender – has a more delicate, rounder scent used by Haute Parfumerie.

– Then, for several decades, the landscape of Provence has seen the appearance of a third variety, lavandin, a hybrid of the two species above.

LAVENDER                                            LAVANDIN



Due to the camphor found in lavandin, the smell is headier and more sustained. Beyond its significantly higher yield than lavender and its lower cost, camphor is another reason why this plant is widely used in traditional lavender sachets. Its powerful and persistent smell helps repel the moths sometimes found in our cupboards.



Because lavender is a typical yet unique plant with many properties – it promotes relaxation, helps in stressful situations, and aids with falling asleep – we have chosen to make all our products exclusively with organic lavender from Provence.


“Our products containing lavender are much more than decorative objects. The exclusive watercolors that characterize our brand and that you can see on each of our products make them elegant and unique. But they are just as much an invitation to well-being and relaxation” said Stephanie, co-founder of L’AUGUSTE Provence.


We decided to use organic lavender from Provence in our lavender sachets and well-being cushions so you can enjoy its relaxing properties and more delicate scent. Whether you opt for a lavender sachet or a well-being cushion, they will easily find their place by your side. Do not hesitate to squeeze them, smell them, place them near you before falling asleep, or take them with you on all your trips…

… And treat yourself to a fabulous olfactory journey to the heart of Provence!