Our collections are 100% artisanal


Each product is made in small and limited quantities.
The production is executed entirely in our atelier in Nyons, Provence.


The essence of our brand is to paint exclusive watercolors and then to make elegant, high-quality, unique, and resourced accessories. We are committed to making you dream, travel, and immerse yourselves in Provence and its art of living, wherever you may be.
All production stages are informed by our dedication to the best quality, the most responsible, and the best local approach possible.
We use exclusively:

En effet, nous utilisons exclusivement :
Natural raw materials (cotton, silk, leather)
– Our cotton has the OEKO-TEX® label
– Our watercolors are printed with natural inks
– O are created on 100% cotton paper from the French brand Arches
– Our lavender is organic and comes only from Provence
– Our gift boxes are: made in an atelier in Provence, PEFC certified, put together without glue, and printed with natural inks



We imagine, paint, and manufacture all our collections in our atelier in Nyons, in Provence. Thus we can supervise the entire process and guarantee quality products made entirely by hand.

Each watercolor tells a story of Provence and sometimes even of the French Riviera. From the iconic landscapes of Provence to more abstract patterns, our watercolors created by our watercolorist are inspiring, colorful, and modern at the same time.  We want to offer you watercolors that are not only useful but also invite on contemplation.

We take special care in all the elements of our creative process to offer you high-quality products.

L'auguste Provence organic lavender from Provence


Our sachets and wellbeing cushions are filled with fragrant organic lavender exclusively from Provence.

Lavender is a typical plant found in Provence that has grown wild in the region for a long time. It has only been cultivated since the beginning of the 20th century, and owes its development and revival to master perfumer makers who use it for its delicate, soft and subtle fragrance.

Lavender, also known as fine or true lavender, grows between 800 and 1700 meters in altitude in Haute-Provence. It differs from Lavandin, a hybrid plant, which is widely marketed for its significantly higher yield and camphor scent.



We are delighted to create exclusive collections that reflect you to your greatest satisfaction!

Are you looking for a welcome present or a thank you gift, and do you want to collaborate with our brand to create a unique accessory that reflects you?

Would you like us to create an exclusive watercolor for you printed on the product you have selected?

Do you wish to give a personalized gift for a special event or have the pleasure of offering an accessory that is unlike any other?