The Art of cold process soap making: A French luxury

Crafting high-quality, natural soap with organic ingredients

Cold process soap making is a traditional method of creating natural soap.
It is recognized for preserving the beneficial properties of the vegetable oils and butter used, as they remain intact throughout this artisanal process.
The process is performed at low temperatures, ensuring that the superior quality of the ingredients is maintained without being altered by heat.
This artisanal process gently transforms the raw materials into rich soaps and natural glycerin through a chemical reaction, providing hydration and softness to the skin.
This method perfectly aligns with our commitment to naturalness, authenticity, and environmental respect, which are the fundamental values of our brand.

Experience the unmatched benefits of our Provence-inspired, cold-processed soaps

Each soap offers a unique and refined sensory experience.
Crafted in our Provence soap atelier, our 'Fleur de lavande' soap will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, wrapped in a veil of gentle care.
Discover the secret to naturally pampered skin:
NATURAL & ORGANIC: Each soap is a purity pledge, crafted with ingredients from organic farming.
ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL from Provence: The soul of our soaps, distilling its soothing notes and authentic fragrance.
- Rich in ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER: For nourished and pampered skin, thanks to its moisturizing and protective virtues.
- ORGANIC OLIVE OIL: A Mediterranean treasure that gives our soap its softening and revitalizing properties.

A natural Luxury inspired by the lavender fields of Provence

Making cold-process soap is not just a technical procedure; it represents a cultural heritage deeply rooted in the history of soap making in France.
Especially in Provence, soap-making Art has been proudly celebrated for centuries.
By perpetuating this legacy, our brand honors a natural French luxury by combining ancestral know-how with eco-friendly practices.
Each soap we create is more than just a body care product; it celebrates authenticity and the French ' Art de vivre.'

Transform your skincare routine into a unique sensory experience

Our soaps are true works of Art, encapsulating the timeless charm of Provence.
We delicately wrap each soap in cotton satin fabric adorned with an exclusive watercolor, making it a perfect invitation to celebrate the Art of living in Provence.
Are you ready to transform your skincare routine into a unique sensory experience that transports you to the heart of Provence?