Our story


"A few years ago, the desire to take painting lessons came back to my mind. That's when I met Laure, a talented painter established in Provence.

Our painting sessions not only led to a beautiful friendship but also inspired the creation of L'AUGUSTE Provence in 2019.
We wanted to create something special and unique to showcase the region's beauty, combining our respective skills — Laure's artistic talent and the sewing skills I had acquired many years earlier from my mother.
That's when we came up with the idea of making lavender sachets with a watercolor of the Provence landscape printed on them. To add to the elegance and refinement of the product, we decided to package the sachets in matching boxes.

L'AUGUSTE Provence, a French brand

When we discussed the name for our brand, I suggested "Auguste" to Laure because it was my grandfather's name, who was a basket maker and a role model for me.

I wanted to honor his memory and draw his strength for this new venture. In addition, Laure also had a grandfather named Auguste, a draftsman and illustrator.

Nothing further was needed, and thus, L'AUGUSTE Provence was born."

Stephanie, co-founder