Do you know the benefits of this millennial plant that was used in antiquity by the Romans?

The Romans used lavender to perfume their laundry and baths. Then in the Middle Ages, the plant was incorporated into perfumes and medicines.


Little by little, lavender's beneficial effects on the nervous system were discovered. These therapeutic qualities make the plant the first choice for fighting against stress, inner agitation, and sleep problems.

The simple act of breathing in the plant brings about an almost immediate feeling of relaxation.

In Provence, several varieties of lavender are grown: "fine" lavender (also called true lavender), aspic lavender, and lavandin.

"Fine" lavender grows at an altitude of more than 800 meters in the Provençal mountains. In contrast, lavandin grows in the plains and is a hybrid plant resultant from crossing true or "fine" lavender and aspic lavender.

True lavender is the most sought-after and appreciated by great perfumers for its subtle, round, delicate scent and therapeutic qualities.


True organic quality lavender is what we use in all our products to provide you with the best possible quality. Thus, you can benefit from the lavender's unequaled properties.


What properties of lavender can you benefit from in our products?


1/ Anti-stress benefits

Lavender acts against stress in general and helps to calm anxieties.

The advantage of our products is you can take them everywhere with you.

You can put a sachet of organic lavender on your desk and breathe in its scent each time you find yourself in a stress- and anxiety-inducing situation.

All you have to do is squeeze the sachet and breathe it in several times to feel the benefits.


2/ Relaxing effects

Has your day been exhausting? Do you come home and feel "emptied"?

Relax by stretching out with your cushion filled with organic lavender from Provence under your head. You will be able to appreciate the relaxing benefits and rejuvenate yourself.


3/ Sleep aid

Did you know that thanks to its soothing and sedative properties, lavender will help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and promote better, deeper sleep?

You can place a sachet of organic lavender near you and inhale it while lying down or fall asleep next to a lavender wellness cushion. The relaxing properties of lavender will help you fall asleep well.


In addition to being unique decorative and artistic accessories, our organic lavender sachets and our organic lavender well-being cushions will accompany you for many years, providing you with well-being at your fingertips.