Lavender & Well-being

Traditionally, sachets are made with lavandin*, which have a strong and heady smell due to the presence of camphor.

Instead, we have created lavender sachets centered on a well-being approach containing nothing but organic lavender coming from Provence.

Lavender is recognizable by its delicate and round perfume (major perfumers use it). 

Our lavender sachets and wellness cushions facilitate overall well-being, helping reduce stress and contributing to relaxation and calm. 

They are both a perfect accompaniment to our daily lives.

Do not hesitate to squeeze them, take a few deep breaths and place them near you before falling asleep, or take them with you on all your trips…

And experience a fabulous olfactory journey to the heart of Provence!

I absolutely love the sachets!

"I sleep with a sachet under my pillow every night. If I awake, I pull it out and inhale the lovely scent of lavender and I’m asleep again.

I so enjoy the paintings on the fabric"!


*More info in our blog article