Our expertise


All products are entirely handcrafted in our workshop in Provence.

We take great care in the preparation of our collections to make sure you can enjoy an original and unique product.


From artistic technique and format to patterns and colors, a detailed dialogue takes place with our watercolor artist when we design a one-of-a-kind product – and this is how our production process begins.
Next, we create prototypes to test the product’s dimensions and materials as well as the placement of any add-ons.

Then the creative phase begins, involving a sheet of paper spread over the drawing board to find the right composition and layout to lets subtle shades of color come shining through until the piece is complete.


Some designs are set aside, while successful watercolor paintings are kept and cropped to bring out the best features. These are then printed using water-based inks on natural materials, such as cotton, linen and leather.
The last step is product preparation, a thorough and meticulous process, which involves cutting and putting the fabrics together as well as finalizing any finishing touches.
We celebrate the essence of creativity, elegance and escape through our watercolor collections.
Dedicated to bringing together artistic know-how and expert craftsmanship, L’AUGUSTE Provence mixes highly contemporary patterns in vibrant tones with the beautiful landscapes of Provence to produce entirely tailor-made accessories. This wonderful mosaic of colors, with exceptional light and harmonious variety, makes Provence an extraordinary place and a constant source of inspiration.