"We were thrilled to be included in the Spring 2023 issue of What Women Create magazine.

Being part of this community of talented women artists and creators from all over the world was a wonderful experience.

We could share our passion, inspiration, and creations, as well as the challenges we faced in creating our brand and starting our company.

It takes courage and determination to embark on such an endeavor. Still, it is also a fantastic opportunity to share our story and creations with our customers and to introduce them to the "Art of Living in Provence" through our watercolors and products."

Stephanie, co-founder of L'AUGUSTE Provence



"Through my painting lessons, plus the desire to create and our love for this beautiful region, and maybe also my business trip, an idea was born, a new concept I presented to Laure: making sachets of lavender with a watercolor representing a landscape of Provence printed on each of them. And the sachets would be placed in matching boxes for an elegant, unique, refined look. All the while, we would adopt a local and sustainable approach, with products focused on well-being because these are values dear to us. Everything made sense: a beautiful collaboration combining our respective skills — Laure’s artistic talent and the sewing skills I had acquired many years earlier from my mother."


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