Artistic and artisanal know-how

Do you recall the fragrant lavender sachets your grandmother used to tuck into her drawers and cupboards? The heavenly scent permeated the laundry. Lavender, the iconic fragrance of Provence, is a beloved product globally, particularly the sachets that hold it.
We created our brand intending to produce lavender sachets that are unique, elegant, and luxurious. Our products combine artistic and artisanal skills, and we make all our accessories in Provence to provide our customers with high-quality and distinctive items.

The brand's founders, Stéphanie and Laure, began with the concept of creating watercolor paintings depicting Provence's landscapes. They then printed these paintings onto cotton satin fabric, known for its soft and silky texture, and crafted them into small sachets filled with lavender. Each sachet is paired with its small gift box, resulting in a unique and elegant product.

Our sachets are entirely handmade in our workshop located in Provence. Our creative process begins with ideas of colors, landscapes, and memories. These ideas are interpreted by Laure, our skilled watercolorist, to create unique watercolors. Seeing Laure's watercolor paintings is always exciting in our creative process.

At the heart of our brand and identity is the fascinating and awe-inspiring stage of creation. We believe in prioritizing quality and being mindful of the raw materials we use in our lavender sachets. Our commitment to this approach is explained in detail on "Our commitments" page. The entire process, including filling each sachet with lavender sourced from producers in Drôme Provençale, is carried out by hand. Before being placed in their matching boxes, each sachet is meticulously inspected for quality. The boxes are printed using natural inks in Provence.