We would like to share a routine that would allow you to enjoy your small lavender-filled cushion, daily and bring you lavender benefits, well-being and serenity .

The following sequence is an invitation to take care of yourself, to recirculate energy, to ease the muscular tension, help you relax, and invite restful sleep.

All of it thanks to our little pillows filled with organic lavender from Provence. For the feeling of optimal well-being..

You can follow the sequence as often as you’d like, in the morning, during the day, as well as at night, which may help you sleep better. Take your time to listen to yourself. If you feel anxiety or fatigue, this short routine, practiced regularly, will bring harmony and calm to your daily life.

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing not restricting your breathing and that you include your little lavender-filled cushion in this exercise.

All the cushions are available in our online boutique.

When you begin to stretch your legs along the wall, your back and thighs may feel tight. That’s because your body may not be used to the position and to being stretched. If this feels too painful, gently rest your legs on the floor before standing up (see step 3).




Take your lavender-filled cushion and make yourself comfortable lying on your back on a mat on the floor. Slowly bend and stretch your legs on the wall.

Don’t worry if you can’t stretch your legs fully on the first try. Allow your body to slowly adjust over time.

Place your lavender-filled cushion under your head, so it is comfortably supported.

Extend your arms alongside your body with the palms facing up. Take a few moments in this position, and listen in – does your body feel tense a little? Try to make sure that your entire back presses to the ground.

Breath slowly.




Remove the cushion and place it on your eyes without covering your nose.

The round and light aroma of the lavender will invite us to relax and stay calm. Its scent will also help you remain centered and present. Be aware of your breathing. This will help you detach yourself from your thoughts.

Continue inhaling through the nose while counting to 5,

Retain your breath while counting to 3,

Before exhaling slowly through your mouth while counting to 7.

Repeat a dozen times, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the sweet scent of lavender.




Before getting up, we recommend that you slide onto your side.

Stay in this position for a few moments, with your pillow by your side, while your body benefits from the relaxation sequence.

These poses are intended to help you relax. This is not medical advice.