Our daily life can be a little repetitive, not to mention that it is often stressful because of our lifestyle.

It is not always easy to set up rituals for ourselves to feel better, more fulfilled, and relaxed because doing so takes time. Time is precisely what we don’t have or don’t offer ourselves.

So what to do?

We suggest two “rituals” you can practice with some of our products: The first is perfect for those in a rush and those who need to recharge their batteries throughout the day. The second will suit those who want to take a little more time for themselves.

However, you can definitely combine the two. Anything is possible!

Reminder: Our lavender accessories are all handmade in our atelier in Provence and contain organic lavender exclusively from Provence.

Ritual No. 1:

For example, keep an organic lavender sachet close at hand in your handbag to accompany you on the go. In addition to enjoying the recognized benefits of lavender on the nervous system (for issues such as anxiety, difficulty finding sleep, lack of self-confidence, edginess, etc.), you can also use it as a pretty accessory that will easily find its place everywhere, thanks to its small size.

It is both a decorative and a well-being accessory.

Why not put it on your desk while you work? During the day, you will think about holding it in your hand and taking a few deep breaths, to help you relax, and destress.

Lavender is a wonderful plant that invites us to take care of ourselves.

Do you have a little more time?

If so, try Ritual No. 2:

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and enjoy the present.

We suggest that you use a silk eye mask and a wellness cushion filled with organic lavender.

Let yourself be transported by the softness and lightness of silk on your eyes.

Lie down comfortably on a bed or even on a floor mat. Let your head rest on the cushion. You will immediately feel a sense of well-being and letting go. Your head is comfortably supported, your eyes are at rest, and the delicate scent of lavender is spreading.

Try to disconnect your mind as much as possible and focus on your breathing and the soothing effect the lavender gives you.

If you practice this little ritual in the evening, it relaxes you and helps you fall asleep.

Thanks to the combination of the relaxation cushion and the eye mask, you can treat yourself to a pure moment of relaxation—a silky and luxurious immersion into the heart of Provence.

There is no need to choose between decoration and well-being.

Your cushion will find a suitable place on a side table or even on your bed.

Your lavender sachets can hang on a door handle, or decorate a shelf, be suspended on a hanger in your wardrobe, or placed between the stored sheets to softly scent the linen.