L’AUGUSTE Provence is a promise of quality, excellence, refinement, and authenticity, and offers its made in France know-how and services to luxury hotels.

These are incredible opportunities for us to enter remarkable places and design bespoke products to add a French touch to extraordinary interiors.

When art and craft meet luxury hotels, the encounter can only be extraordinary!

Our clients have seen the promise of an outstanding olfactory and visual journey in our brand.

In addition, all our raw materials are natural (organic lavender from Provence, cotton satin fabric, and printing made with natural inks), and our creations are local and artisanal.


Bespoke lavender sachets

We enjoyed painting watercolors that suit luxury hotels and then making exclusive lavender sachets.

Most of the time, the lavender sachets are intended to be offered as a welcome or wedding gift. But we also had the opportunity to create bespoke lavender sachets for a different purpose. This is the case with those made for the Château de Fonscolombe, near Aix en Provence, where they hang beautifully on the doors of every room and brighten the guests’ stay.

 It’s the little details that make all the difference!

Because every special occasion deserves an unforgettable gift, we create, for you, with you, an exclusive product for a memorable experience.

There are myriad tailor-made options.

You want an exclusive creation for your establishment, your wedding, a baptism, or a special event in your life?

To thank your guests, colleagues, or clients?

A creation unlike any other combining art with exceptional craftsmanship, that is a refined French creation?

In such a case, we will be delighted to accompany you to imagine and create a product of your choice.


Do not hesitate to contact us at info@laugusteprovence.com