Through exclusive French watercolor designs and entirely local handmade products, L’AUGUSTE has built a timeless collection of fine arts and crafts featuring evocative scenes of Provence. Our shop has a wide range of small luxuries with bold designs, contemporary patterns, and lavender straight from Provence’s fields. This allows you to travel to Provence from anywhere around the globe or bring an intoxicating slice of the region into your home.

Lavender Sachets: Our signature product, the lavender sachets carry Provence’s lavender fields to you with its visual and sensory explosion of creativity and soothing lavender fragrance. The lavender fields design takes you to the region’s native plant, while its other sophisticated depictions of clifftop villages, cafes, and strolls along the seas encapsulate Provence’s beauty.

Cotton Tote Bags: Make Provence’s local flora and lyrical landscape a part of your active lifestyle with our 100% Cotton Tote Bags. Handmade in Provence, the variety of landmarks included in these watercolor bags will transport you to Provence’s famous bustling markets and palm tree coastal views.

Pouches: Our small pouches provide a more intimate view of Provence with close-up handmade watercolor and natural ink drawings of vistas like the South of France’s classic olive trees. Intricate streets and inviting markets take you on a journey to the region’s slow and “l’art de vivre” lifestyle, while the magnified poppy pouch will cause you to imagine the romantic poppy fields in Provence.

Cushions: Dreaming of living in Provence? Our cotton-satin lavender pillows have scenes of the countryside and hues of the blue and turquoise characteristics of the Mediterranean. If you squeeze and inhale them, your worries will melt away while being consumed with the calming essence of Provence.

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