Did you know that we exclusively use organic lavender from Provence in our cushions and sachets? That’s right, only organic lavender and nothing else! And it’s entirely natural!

With its round and light notes, lavender has relaxing and soothing properties that reduce anxiety and stress. It also invites us to take time for ourselves and to settle down into the moment. This should not be confused with lavandin, a camphorated hybrid plant with a much more pronounced and heady fragrance. You can enjoy the benefits of lavender daily with our products. We have designed the size of our lavender cushions so that they’re the ideal dimensions to accompany you anywhere and everywhere while also promoting your well-being!

 When traveling, lavender will help reduce the effects of jet lag and promote lasting sleep. If you can, you should take a 15-minute bath with the lavender pillow placed under your head. Then put the lavender cushion near you on the bed so that the lavender induces sleep and continues to promote a restful slumber all night long.

– Our pillows will also help relieve tension in the back as it allows you to sit more comfortably in a chair by cradling the lower back.

– Do you practice meditation or relaxation movements? Our lavender cushions are an ideal companion for these daily activities

Are you taking enough care of yourself? If not, it only takes a few minutes each day.


If you would like to have all the properties of lavender at your disposal all the time, you can opt for our travel-size lavender sachets. Then, at any time, you can squeeze the sachet to extract all its benefits which will make you feel calmer and more relaxed while at work, on public transport, etc.

The benefits are endless…